Rookies Volume 8

Longish time coming, well considering it’s ten chapters in about the same amount of weeks not so long in coming. But I still feel the need to apologise personally as this could’ve been out over a week ago but I wanted to weild my power for evil and witheld the release(I actually had better reasons but I prefer the sound of this one…). Feel free to throw rocks of the real variety at me. Although I have a badly messed up right hand (post operation, bandaged, stitches, all full of solpadol and badly missing morphine) the first thing I did when I got back from the hospital is QC a chapter so know that I am dedicated. Just a bit slower than I would normally be so loadsa the pity and help appreciated…

Also RokuBlues infoish/enquiryish in chapter 68 for those interested…

Volume 8 Sharbee MF

Chapter 68 Sharbee MF

Chapter 69 Sharbee MF

Chapter 70 Sharbee MF

Chapter 71 Sharbee MF

Chapter 72 Sharbee MF

Chapter 73 Sharbee MF

Chapter 74 Sharbee MF

Chapter 75 Sharbee MF

Chapter 76 Sharbee MF

Chapter 77 Sharbee MF

We are recruiting staff for loads of reasons, mainly because sometimes at night.. I get lonely so lonely… it’s cold, dark and I feel so alone looking at page after page. Reach out to help a lonely soul, register on our forums and apply do the right thing. We are recruiting for all positions but would be grand to have proofreaders (especially with Japanese knowledge) and translators… oh and qc’ers… and typesetters and cleaners… so again we are back to all positions.

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