Shibatora 16&17 Release… Say Whaaaa!

Well, release time again, it would have been sooner, but, I wanted to wait to release this with a new project I waited for a while and then gave in at the last minute! New project is tomorrow this is today, enjoy your chapters as they are good. Oh and appply people! APPLY damn you all….

I’m also looking for someone who has a subscription to morning magazine and a person who would be willing to pimp out our main site… Reply here or pm Jazzmatazz on the forums!

Downloads here


  1. mathi36 Reply

    Thank you so much for the great release!! Now I’m really eager to see the new project you talked bout…cya tomorrow^^.

  2. rei Reply

    whoo hoo! 😛 arigatou gozaimashita for the releases. i wish i could help you guys out but i’m useless ^^

  3. Krymson Reply

    Woooo~ that was awesome >: D. Thanks so much for the release! I’m on my toes >.< anticipating the next release~

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Whoooo, Gettin good. Finally looks like going somewhere. Wanna read more! ^^

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