Shibatora 25

Tired, overly overly tired! Short one today, I would like to take the time out to thank everyone who applied you know who you are! We are still hiring, editors, typesetters and translators especially. If you are able to scan in some volumes for us please let me know.

Download the Release here.

Discuss the Release here somewhere.

Someone2040 Ninja Edit
Also, in case you only skim over the forum post and take our downloads! We’ve also set up an IRC chat room. You can find us at . Come join us on IRC and chat about our great mangas.


  1. Alex V. Reply

    Thanks! ^_^

    Wish you could prepare next chapters faster … yea, I’m greedy basterd 🙂

  2. angel Reply

    are you still hiring for editors or so..what are the qualifications?..thanks..

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