Shibatora Chapter 8

Some more Shibatora for the masses only one chapter today which is not the way we usually roll but rest assured you shall be getting more Shiba this very week (and one or two other things!), I just decided to try something different (not so sure it’ll stick!).

Grab the chapter from our forums here.

You will also find all currently scanlated chapters available for download in the same post just incase you are new to the series. We also have downloads from chapter 1 of all of our current projects available in their various sections on the forums so stick around and check out some of the others.

Also, once again we are hiring we need in order of priority Cleaners, translators and general qc’ers head over to the recruitment section of our forums to apply. If you would like to apply for the cleaning position then read this post and you can also download a test from there. For other positions just create a thread in he recruitment section and someone will get back to you!


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