Shibatora… finally!!

So, as you may or may not know we as a group have had some set backs. We went through a rough period and we’re just coming out the other side of it, we really want to keep our projects going at a steady rate and of course in good quality. I would like to apologise to the fans of our series for keeping you all waiting and if some choose to apply to help us then it’s not something that should happen again.

So today’s release is two chapters of Shibatora Chapters 21 and 22.

Download Here and enjoy!

Also,  we need staff so please apply. Typesetters, Cleaners, Editors, Translators all needed in equal measure! Experience is not as important as willingness to learn and improve so apply peoples.


  1. Ominae Reply

    Read all of Shibatora. Quite excellent.

    PS – While Peacemaker could be done (Yeah, I’m from Domo), some stuff’s happening to the group right now.

  2. Princesa Lee Reply

    I’m of Brazil.
    I love the mangas of the site, read Shibatora a while now and I am happy to have launched another chapter.
    I hope my English is not too bad, I read better than write. ¬¬”
    Well, I hope not only me but other fans here in Brazil continue to read Shibatora.

    Thank for Shibatora \o/

  3. kevin Reply

    what’s happening to Peace Maker??, Is it over? On Hold? Abandoned?
    Just curious…

  4. someone2040 Reply

    Peace Maker is still being done, but it’s not going to get anywhere.
    Why? Because we can never find a translator for it. Find us a translator, and you’ll get your Peace Maker.

  5. Jazzmatazz Reply

    An editor for it would be nice too! I mean it’s not hard to clean to be fair so even a beginner would be fine, but, a dedicated Translator and Editor would be the fastest way to end all of your woes.

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