Shibatora Volume 02 Chapter 09-11

We’re coming to the end of the current arc with Kusunoki there is one chapter left till it’s conclusion and only two left until the end of the volume. The question I’m sure that’s still on everybodies lips is “for how long will Kusunoki continue to be a dick?” I can safely say he won’t shirk that dick title in these releases! Good chapters still Taketora continues to be Taketora.

Downloads Here.

Also again we are hiring all positions minus proofreaders, so translators, editors and typesetters please do apply in order to speed up the release train and all. Experienced or not as long as you got the skills or the willingness to learn the skills and a love for our projects or the desire to work on new interesting and underpraised series then apply on our forums.

I forgot to add the drama has started! YAY as soon as querbeet release episode 1 ye shall be updated!


  1. julie Reply

    thx guyz.. awesome manga !! very good job .. love u people a lot xoxo ;)….

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