Shibatora Volume 1

The complete Shibatora Volume 1 for release today, yes I am aware that we have already released chapter 1 but view this asa sort of re-release as one double page spread was missing from the original chapter (nothing vital just something that should’ve been there). After this we will probably switch to chaper releases… probably! Also, Shibatora is being made into a Drama scroll down or head to our forums to find out more about it and indulge in some discussions!

Anyway, without further ado:

Shibatora Volume 1 Direct Downloads can now be found on our forums just one click away… click me!

Also, we’re still hiring and also taking project suggestions, so get onto the forums and apply or suggest! We will accept applicants for all positions but we are in particular need of good proodfreaders and translators. Though any applications for staff would be greeted with delight.


  1. Crystalsouls Reply

    Smash up Job! Jolly Good!
    Seriously though its a great series and I hope to see more!

  2. ViolentBeauty Reply

    Very Great Job..Ty for the Release and Eagerly awaiting the nest installation of the series.. Ty for all Your work

  3. white Reply

    you should leave Shirobuta. It sound better than white pig.

  4. Rocs Reply

    Wowie, I just finished reading the 1sy vol. and I like it very much. Thanks for translating this and this manga is now one of my regulars

  5. rocky Reply

    man, I really like this one, can’t wait for more!

    Thanks you very much for all your efforts!

  6. julie Reply

    thx guys for pickin’ this manga… hope you won’t stop translatin’ this one…
    good job

  7. Vada Reply

    Hey thanks a lot for ur hardwork scanlating this project!

    i’m downloading now ^^

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