Shibatora Volume 2 Chapters 5-7

Another random day another random release, today we have 3 chapters of Shibatora for you this marks the start of Volume 2 and also of a new arc of sorts. We also get to see Mizuki and Taketora settling into their new living arrangements which I admit gave me some chuckles!

To download Shibatora Chapters 5-7 or any of the previous volume releases then head over here.

Even better if you sign up, peruse, post and maybe even apply!

Also, if you are a (at this early stage) mild fan of the series you may know that there will be a Shibatora Drama which will start wiring in Japan this july. We have mentioned it a few times before (check here for more info) but, the reason for me bringing it up again is due to a fansub group having announced that they will be working on this (yay!) when it’s released. That group is called Querbeet! Check them out here and go sign up on their forums and express your anticipation for the Shibatora drama. As more details emerge expect to hear more from us and also from them about the Drama and we will be sure to post here when the first episode has been released!

And finally we here at Deadbeat are somewhat (read very) fussy whenever we choose to work on a project there is no project that we have which one of our members does not feel passionate about. We also try and keep to a set sort of project profile, why is this? So that people who enjoy one series that we do can give some of our other series a go and hopefully love those too. So, trust us and explore our other projects most especially this one.


  1. Copycat01 Reply

    Thanks for this, found you by accident, must be heavens blessing, love this series, keep up the good work!!

  2. julie Reply

    love it, love it, love it…. thx a lot..
    Mizuki x Taketora xoxo

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  5. Coke-Kun Reply

    I am from a spanish fansub and I want to contact with the administrator of Deadbeat-Scans. Which the Deadbeat Scans’ e-mail?
    Thanks you

  6. Lavos Reply


    Vente por el foro. No podemos poner el email de uno de nosotros aqui (demasiado publico). Vente al foro, registrate, y mandale un PM a Jazzmatazz o a mi (Lavos). O un post en la seccion shibatora.

    Gracias por contactarnos 🙂

  7. Kouri-chan Reply

    Hey guys, thank you for spreading the Shibatora awesomeness!! I follow it in the weekly magazine (two weeks behind Japan? around) since it comes out where I live, and I always found it really sad that no one scanslated this awesome manga. Thank you for doing so! I found the Miyuki arc really sad but the next few arcs are also made up of so much awesome @_@ -thumbs up- 😀

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