Some stuff we haven’t seen in a while (oh, and Rookies)

So guys, today I’ve got some series that you haven’t seen in a while.
Unfortunately, it took the whole of 6 months to get out of this Hanagata chapter. So my apologies Hanagata fans! We’ve actually had a translator for quite some time, but then of course, our cleaner goes missing. So tough times for Hanagata, but we’ll endeavor to get this out more often.
Shibatora for similar reasons, we haven’t seen as much of. Cleaner goes missing, you know the story. I’m currently cleaning it between my spare moments in Rookies, so it’s getting done but slowly.
And finally, well… no sob story for this manga. Rookies is going strong, and we’ve got another release for you.

As for our other mangas, well, you should actually be seeing a release in the next week or so with chapters from those. So rest easy Karate fans, you’ll get your chapter.

Anyway, as usual, you can download the latest chapters from our Forums or from our Irc Channel. Make sure to visit Illuminati-Manga and leave your thanks there as well for Rookies.


  1. highschool-urchin Reply

    I thought someone had died or something o.o nice to see you havent 😀

  2. annoyedwabbit Reply

    Thanks for your continued work on Rookies. I really appreciate it. ^_^

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