Something kinda new

So, today’s release is a bit special. For me anyway, I find it frustrating that I can’t really enjoy Capeta to it’s fullest, having no idea what happened in the previous 11 volumes. So it’s given me great pleasure to announce, we’re going to try and fill the gap. Fans of the anime, perhaps nothing new here, but for those who haven’t seen the anime, hopefully this allows you to enjoy the series as well.

For those anxious to see what happens later on in volume 11. All I can say is, it’s coming, the chapter has been a pain in the ass, but it’s coming.

Also today, we’ve got a new chapter of Karate for you, as well as some more Shibatora. We’ve now completed 4 volumes of Shibatora. Still 11 more volumes to go, but we’re slowly picking up pace. Karate is heading towards the end of the arc, still some cool stuff to come :).

As always, hope you enjoy the release. You can find direct downloads on our forums and you can also download them from our irc channel Online readers/externally uploading our files, please wait 24 hours before doing this.


  1. Ben Reply

    Thank You!!!!! Can’t’ wait for future volumes (Anime watcher here) I’m glad to see you are still continuing this project. Again, Thank You!

  2. TheDeadOne Reply

    I shall use the full force of the cap-lock. “YOU GUYS ARE GODS!!!!!” Once I get some money later next week for my debit card you guys are going to get a donation from me.

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