Surprise release!

Most of y’all were probably exepecting another Rookies release (which was not entirely foolish as there are many more of those to come) but as had been mentioned before this is one of our hotly touted “new series” which we have picked up. The series is a very awesome Western series serialised in Ultra Jump the first four chapters have already been scanlated by csimi and can be found on MU (may upload them here later). This is a joint project with Domo Scans who have been superific (yes I did make it up!) to work with thus far.

Peace Maker Chapter 5 MF Sharbee

For now enjoy the releases and heap praises upon not just on us but also upon those with whom we teamed up with in order to bring you this series Domo Scans


  1. Kevin Reply

    Thank you soooo much for picking this series up for translation!!! You guys are awsome!!
    I subscribe to Ultra Jump but not read Japanese and this gives me a chance to enjoy this amazing story fully! Now I just wish somebody would bring other great stories from this publication up to date like ..Agharta, Heaven’s Prison..
    Thanks Again you are the best!!!!!!

  2. Hálfy Reply

    Start to read this manga myself so far is really good and you’ve done a fantastic job the chapter \o/

  3. Kevin Reply

    Just to let you know that Peace Maker volume 1 is the number 1!
    selling book on the Japanese Amazon site. Awesome! You have a winner here. When is the next chapter coming?

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