The Return (Capeta and KSKM)

Hey guys,
So this has taken a while longer than anticipated. But today we have a release of not only Karate but Capeta to boot. We know you guys eagerly anticipate each release, to the point of some of you spamming our chat boxes. But the reality is, this aint a job for us. So things will get done when people feel like it, and there’s nothing to be done to make it happen sooner.
So enjoy the releases when they come, all of us would like them to happen more frequently but I can’t make any promises on that front.

Capeta v23 part 3: DDL


  1. ane-san Reply

    *Heavy doki doki for Capeta*

    [Belated] Happy Valentine’s Day!



    Okay. I just read it. I love you all. Where can I buy the tanks? Are they sold in a set? I just wanna look at all of them on my shelf. You know how much I love the work you do, right? I love you, all. Seriously. Thank you for bringing Capeta in my life. I love you so much!!!


  3. THE FRYEST Reply

    Thanks for another great KSKM release! Don’t sweat the losers pestering you, take your time.

  4. Dave Reply

    Awwwwww yeah! Thanks for the continued effort, guys. 🙂 Really happy you’re keeping Capeta alive!

  5. beatdeadbeat Reply

    In all seriousness, this manga is incredible, thank you so much for making it available to us.

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