The shape of things to come…

Morning, Evening, Night and whatever-you-call-the-time-between-night-and-morning to all!

I’m here to tell you all what we’ve been up to. All good, no bad news. Just thought I’d leave that clear from the start in case you thought: “Oh no, they’re gonna drop this and that, break the group, blah blah blah.” Think positive people… anyway.

Work continues on our main and first project, Rookies. Release is getting close, but it’s taking longer due to work, school, college, university, etc. Life has it’s own funny way of screwing with you when you least expect it. Anyway, work is still going on so stay tuned 😉

On that note. In case you didn’t know, there’s a live action/J-Drama of Rookies. 3 chapters have been released already and all I can say is go and watch it! It’s being done by Skewed Studies. I can tell you thay nailed it the casting of Kawato. It’s pretty damn good. Quality of video and sound is great. so go, downlaod, watch and thank them for their hard work. Go!

On the Shibatora front. We’re almost done and ready to release Volume 1.  We’re holding on it ’cause if we do we’ll get trampled over by the weekend raws, shonen jump, etc. So, early next week it’ll be released (along with other fun stuff). Stay tuned for that as well. It gets better!

On that note as well… there’s going to be a Drama adaptation of the manga! Wait, no I did not copy/past it. It’s not dejavu, even if you did read it a few lines before. There’s going to be a J-drama of Shibatora. To be aired in July. Read about it here and talk about it here!

What else, what else… well, there a few new projects being worked on as we speak. But we won’t say anything about them ’cause we like suspense and are annoying! Yes, you heard it right!

Clues tho. One kicks ass and the other one has an anime. We’ll be picking the latter one from where the anime and manga start to go different ways and the former has 36+ volumes… We’ll start that one from the beggining. Not much of a clue… I suck at clues. Go to the forums and try to guess. If you do you get a gold star.

There are more news to be told, but we’ll keep those for the mass release we’ll have early next week. Come around, go to the forums, talk, work with us! We’re recruiting still! Translators and Proofers specially. QCs also welcomed. Skilled editors/redrawers. Tyepsetters as well… Well, everything really! Come around and join us!

I’ll say good bye for now. I said too much for a non-release post. Later!

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