Translators Needed

Japanese to english or Chinese to English translators needed for current projects! If there is a series you havent seen in a while and you always check here for the problem is probably lack of translator. So, help us find some…

I may well update this with more info, but, for now this’ll do. I is tired.


  1. Andrew Reply

    I can do both J>E and C>E translations.
    Please email me for further discussion.

  2. Jamie MacG Reply

    Name: Jamie MacGregor ( UK, Scottish )

    Position of interest: Translator Jp – Eng

    Project of interest: [Rookies]

    Experience: I’ve not done translating before, but I’ve read Baki, Hagane no, slam dunk, and Ahiru no Sora Mangas in Japanese, I’m only reading Rookies in English because I can’t find a raw anywhere! I took the JLPT level 2 this year and I failed, but got 54% which is pretty good, so I can read around 800 Kanji and I have a good vocabulary, I think.

    Reason why: Cause I like sports manga, and this one is kinda between Slam Dunk and GTO. It’s a good manga.

    But are you guys still even doing rookies? You’re previous tranlator seemed prety good, I liked his style!

    E-mail me at hachiouji_represent (at) hotmail . com

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