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A few updates for you as to progress we have made in the past few days/weeks, firstly I am happy to say that we have managed to get a raw provider for Billy Bat and I hope to keep a weekly release schedule for it starting from the release of chapter 3 onwards. We have also reached a good place as regards to our Peace Maker joint with Domo Scans and should have a more regular release pattern.

That’s basically all of the good onto the bad now and we really are lacking in translators we need Japanese to English translators, Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru is a volume and a bit ahead of the current translations, Capeta is two volumes ahead in Cleans and the same would apply to Yugo and Hanagata. So we really, really need Translators to apply! We are also in need of typesetters, cleaners who are good with readraws, those who can clean mag scans and anyone willing to learn so please apply or at least force others into doing it!

Onto the Releases today we have Peace Maker Chapter 10 for you, having read that chapter I have to ask is it me or is Beat not pretty cool? I think he has a certain sauve air about him!

Anyway, grab the chapter on our forums: HERE

Please dont forget to thank Domo for their part in getting this and all previous chapters done! Go visit them on their site: http://domo-scans.lilneko.net/home/

We also have Shibatora Chapter 19 which ends on a cliffhanger, but, don’t worry we wont make you wait long for the next chapter! I promise it’ll only be a matter of days.

Direct Download for the chapter: HERE


  1. midenz Reply

    happy new years! kinda late though ;)! anywys thanks for great shibatora chap!! ^^

  2. cwilks Reply

    Good job on the Shibatora!

    Great Chapter, great scan, overall excellent work!

    Thanks a ton!

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