Vrooom Vrooom…

That is the only car noise that I know… vroom! Does anybody know of others?

At any rate the car noises signify a Capeta release (finally!) chapter 2 of volume 11 is all ready to go and I do hope you enjoy. This one is sort of a pet project for me and I’m pretty determined to get it done, it does, however, need a dedicated Editor. The raws are all good quality and there are no redraws (or if so tiny tiny easy ones!) so it’s just a case of erasing some text and joining a few simple double pages as far as the cleaning goes.

We’re not only recruiting for this project though we need J-E translators, skilled editors for certain harder to clean projects and Qc’ers. So if you’re interested in any of our projects or like the jist of series that we do and would like to work with us on our future projects while you are in the forums downloading why not sign up and apply.

Grab the Chapter Here.

Updated with a version 2!! There were a couple of missing thought bubbles (just two small ones) nothing life changing. But, I think important in order to get that sense of completeness. I also added one or two even smaller things… some will notice others wont at any rate I’ve told you now so it’s your choice as to whether to redownload or not.


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