Wanitokagegisu Volume 4 [END]

Sup, guys. I don’t wanna bore you with all the details, but the volume took this long to get released because I kept getting sidetracked with work related stuff and ALL THOSE FUCKING REDRAWS!! Seriously, it’s like the mangaka went mad and started slapping text over every single panel. Unfortunately, I had to cheat with a lot of pages and apply the KSKM treatment: white-boxing. This won’t be final: there will be a version 2.0 of the volume later, maybe next week or in two weeks’ time, with all the pages properly redrawn, as well as v2’s of the earlier volumes, with some of the names changed, because laika, the translator, thought they were romanized differently.

Many many thanks to laika, for jump-starting the project and doing most of the hard work: translating and quality checking. He’s a really great guy. Many thanks as well to kyuubi654, who helped out with a lot of redraws for the earlier volumes.

That being said, enjoy the volume and see you next time.

Wanitokagegisu volume 04: DDL


  1. Ari Reply

    Thank you so much for completing Wanitokagegisu. One of my all-time favorite manga by my favorite mangaka.

  2. Wanito Reply

    Big thanks to the team, i lovee you guys <3 i never thought someone would pick this manga up and translate the whole thing. You guys are amazing!

  3. Ghost Reply

    Thanks for this. Really liked Himizu but I (wisely) didn’t start this until it got fully scanlated.

  4. bububu Reply

    Thank you for completing this. Gonna read the whole thing at once! <3

  5. Eric Reply

    Thanks for working on this guys. This was my first time being around when a volume for this series was recently finished I was shocked and excited.

    • Eric Reply

      I have a question that is a spoiler if it hasn’t been read.
      SPOILER – IGNORE if you haven’t read it yet
      Who is the dead guy in the final pages of the final chapter? I’m racking my brain and I can’t get a sure answer. I feel like it’s that guy who found the hooker in the car but I assumed he had muscles even though his clothes are baggy and the dead guy looks scrawny. I looked through pages with him and I feel like it could be him because he’s never shown to actually be muscular.

  6. Anon Reply

    Wowww many thanks, guys!! It’s only thanks to the effort of people like you that we get to enjoy works like this one out of Japan. Really really really appreciate it.

  7. anon34 Reply

    Thanks so much for finishing this! I guess I have no excuse now not to read it…

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