Week 3: Karate 81 and Shiba 40

Hey guys! Here’s this week’s releases of your favorite mangas.

You can grab them as always on our Forum or on our IRC channel.

And don’t forget! If you’re an experienced cleaner (especially a good redrawer) and want to help us step it up with Karate, then don’t hesitate and contact us immediately! If not, just pray our current cleaners will live long enough to catch up with the Japanese  releases.

See you next week with another release of Karate.


  1. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Well, for some time, someone2040 used to clean it, but then he recruited/found/asked Demut to do it. Problem is, Demut used to send the chapters through someone2040, who’s on vacation for now. We’ll see what happens, he was the QCer for most series, including Peace Maker, but if Jazzmatazz can find time to come by the forum, maybe she’ll QC one chapter, BUT that’s as long as Demut posts on the forum the cleans and Jazz finds time to drop by.

    Nothing’s certain for Peace Maker until someone2040 comes back, sorry.

  2. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    If you didn’t know, someone2040 and Jazzmatazz are the founders, so they decide what’s what.

  3. someone2040 Reply

    Umm.. just to clarify on what Crazyhorse said. We don´t decide whatś what. It´s up to the staff who are working on the series to get stuff done. As it stands, the cleaner has not been so active lately, so we do not have any cleans for the series at the moment. No cleans = no scans.

    So it´s not like we´re nefariously holding back Peace Maker or anything. It all comes down to staff, for any series.

  4. cmertb Reply

    someone2040 are you at some internet cafe when you should be spending your time at a maid cafe?

  5. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Uh, yeah, what I meant to say is, for Peace Maker in particular, the cleaner operated through someone2040, I’m not really sure he registered…

    When you’re tired, you say all kinds of stupid crap that makes you look like a dumbass. >_>

  6. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    EDIT: Well, he did register, but he didn’t post anything, so my point still stands. Suppose we need a cleaner for Peace Maker? D:

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