Weekly Rookies and KSKM

Hey all,
More Rookies and Karate action for you this week. In Karate we’re at the end of the arc, and Rookies has the game heating up. Hope you all enjoy these chapters.

Onto something I know you guys hate hearing, but we really need more staff. We currently don’t have a translator for Karate, and I know how much you guys all love it. Basically, we’re counting down to how much more we’ve got left if we don’t get one. So if there’s anyone out there who can translate without furigana, please drop us a line! If you can translate but need furigana, we do have other mangas (like Rookies, Capeta, Hanagata) that have furigana.

For Rookies, we could really use a cleaner or two. At the moment it’s just me, and I need to scan in the raws and typeset as well!

Anyway, as per usual, thank our friends at Illuminati-Manga for their help on Rookies, and you can find downloads on our Forums or on our IRC Channel #deadbeat@Irchighway.net.


  1. newguy Reply

    hey about the translator thing dont beat yourself up no mater what you guy say i lova reading it if i knew japaneese id help you guy (sorry youmust get this a lot and i must sound like a bastard) unfotunetly most of the people who red manga online are just leechers which is basicaly a hikikomori thats not japanese (of course you allready know that im just ranting ramdomly) but im sure sumone will pop up and help u guys since you are so amasing i just hope it is soner rather than later so you dont have to strugle i just whish you the best and good luck

    ps:i know im gona be hated because of the hikikomori part but im one of you so lets face it people thats what we are (mostly)

  2. kools Reply

    You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for finishing ROOKIES!!!!

    This is one of the best mangas I ever read and I was so dissapointed that it was never finished.

    I am really looking forward to this! Please don’t drop it!

  3. PixiWorld Reply

    KSKM is so great.
    THANKS ALOT GUYS. I wished i could help you in any way!!! =/

    Keep yp the good work 🙂

  4. ~Izzy~ Reply

    Well I’ve never done it before but I’d be willing to give cleanup a go if you like? I have a few spare hours in my morning that I can devote to it. If you want, send me a page or two and I’ll see if I’ve got the skills. Can’t help on the translator side of things unfortunately!

    Thank you for the most recent chapter 🙂

  5. MDR Reply

    Thamks for the new chapter of kskm would not been able to see it without you guys.

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